Smart Energy companies purchase goods and materials (GM), equipment, works, services and sell their own products on a bidding basis.


Sale of hydrocarbons

Process of hydrocarbons sale is standardized according to implementation of internal regulations on conducting competitive tenders on e-commerce trading platform


Products put up for tender:

1. Liquefied hydrocarbon gas - auto propane-butane (APB), GOST 27578-87 (the Ukrainian equivalent of European standard EN 589-2008), which is a high-quality gas fuel for combustion engines of road transport.

Certificates: No. 248/18 dd. 16.07.2018;

                    No. DIN.00074-18 valid until 01.01.2019.

Lot size: batches of 80 cubic meters (about 40 tons).

Tender frequency: not less than once or twice a week

2. Gas condensate OST 51.65-80 – group ІІ.

Certificates: No. 103/18 dd. 08.06.2018, group І, Mekhedivsko-Golotovschynske GCF;

                        No. 11441 dd. 06.06.2018, Vasyschyvske GCF;

                        No. 181 dd. 05.06.2018, Ostroverkhyvske GCF.

Lot size: up to 30 tons.

Tender frequency: not less than three times a week.

Shipment of the product is done exclusively in tank trucks at the loading points:

    • GPP Mekhedivsko-Golotovschynske GCF (address: Yakhniki, Lokhvitskyi district, Poltava region);
    • Bistryvska GPP (Bistryvskyi block of Ostroverkhyvske GCF, Kharkiv region);
    • Vasyschyvske GPP (Vasyschyvske GCF, Kharkiv region)

To apply for participation in a tender (to purchase products), please send your application  via the website www.fabrikant.ua

For cooperation and partnership on LPG or gas condensate sales, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]

Purchase of materials, tools, equipment, works and services

GM, works/services are purchased for quite specific purpose i.e. to be used during construction, major workover and operation of oil and gas wells. The stock-list of such products mainly contains imported goods, which are duly certified and compliant with international standards:

    • Operations related production string and production casing pipes, drilling equipment, chemical reagents, equipment for pellets production, pumps, tanks and other goods. Specialized companies are also selected on a bidding basis for implementation of the contractor’s works in the field of geological exploration and commercial development of oil and gas deposits, including construction and major workover of wells, drill fluid service, coiled tubing operations, etc.
    • Auxiliary kind: construction materials, uniforms and PPE, hardware, IT equipment, packaging, electrical materials and household goods. Specialized companies are also selected on a bidding basis for contractor works in the field of constructions, major workovers and other activities. 

Draft decisions on winning bidders get approved by responsible persons and published on the online platform. 

You can send your product profile via e-mail at: [email protected]

Sales of GM

The Representative Office of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited also sells GM that have not been used on constant basis. Among such: casing pipes, system of suspension equipment of the liner (dismantled), coupling of two-stage cementing, production string pipes, tri-cone bit, packer, drill-string stabilizer, casing float shoe, wellhead section B, pipe nipple, casing centralizer, etc.

Look for the full list of items (over 300 items) here.

Terms of supply: EXW. Supplier’s warehouse is located at the following address: Zavodske, P.Mirnogo street, building No.8.

If you are interested in purchasing any of available GM, please send you offer via e-mail at [email protected] specifying index number, inventory number, title, number of pieces and price of GM you are interested in.

For more information on GM sale please contact commercial services via the phone: +38 (044) 364-79-30.