Social partnership and charity

The companies of Smart Energy Group are guided by the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation with representatives of district authorities and local residents in implementation of social measures and important infrastructure projects in the regions of their presence.

At the initiative and under financial support of Smart Energy Group pressing problems get resolved in a number of areas of Poltava and Kharkov regions.

Over the recent 3 years, as part of their social investments, the companies of Smart Energy Group financed, among other things, the following:

  • design work for construction and overhaul of some urban and rural roads
  • repair and construction of public buildings as well as regional water supply systems
  • procurement of equipment, materials, vehicles for institutions and organizations of the social sphere.

As part of their voluntary financing under the existing agreements and targeted grant aid to support social sphere and charity initiatives, the companies of Smart Energy Group make regular allocations to municipal, educational, social, medical, cultural and religious institutions as well as individuals.

Only in 2020 Smart Energy allocated UAH 3.6 million of social investment. 

Financial assistance of the companies of Smart Energy Group has been demonstrated by the following projects:

  • repairment of roads and water pipes, installation of street lights and benches;
  • renovation of the out-patient clinic, purchase of equipment for medical facilities
  • renovation of schools and sports grounds;
  • co-financing nutrition in educational establishments for kids;
  • and many others.