Delivery conditions


According to clause 4 of section I Rules for Natural Gas Supply, endorsed by Resolution of National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission No. 2496 dd. 30.09.2015, supplies of Natural Gas are done as per the prices freely established by a supplier and a consumer.

Thus, pricing for supplies of natural gas is being established taking into account individual needs of every consumer, volumes and supply modes, terms of payment, and prices effective in natural gas market.

ATTENTION! Currently, Smart Energy LLC doesn't make new deals on natural gas supplies for households.

Starting from May 1, 2021, Smart Energy LLC termonates supplies of natural gas to households. 

For current prices, please visit the Ukrainian version of the page.


Payment for consumed natural gas shall be made as per the terms of the Contract concluded.  Noncash settlement shall be done by transferring funds in national currency of Ukraine to the current bank account of the Supplier, as indicated in the contract or any other current account specified in respective invoice or written notice of the Supplier.

Please check Code of Gas Distribution System, if you want to find out more about general terms of gas supply, entitlements and obligations of a supplier and a consumer.


Disputes and disagreements arose between the Supplier and the Consumer in course of the Contract execution shall be resolved by means of negotiations.

If any dispute arising as a result or in connection with execution of the Contract for the natural gas supplies, concluded between the Supplier and the Consumer, including any issues regarding its prevalence, validity or termination, cannot be resolved by means of negotiations within one month upon receipt of the first notification regarding the dispute by one Party from another, either Party is entitled to referring the dispute to the court.
Any disputes, disagreement or requirement related to execution of the Contract for the natural gas supply between the Supplier and the Consumer and/or arising from the Contract or related hereunder, regarding the breach of Contract, its termination or nullity are subject to the final decision in the courts of Ukraine according to substantive law of Ukraine.


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