Liquefied gas production

Liquefied hydrocarbon gas production is performed using the assets of the Representative Office of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited.

In December 2013, a Condensate Stabilization Unit (CSU) was commissioned at the temporary metering and separation station (TMSS) of Mekhedovsko–Golotovshchinskoye gas condensate deposit of Regal Petroleum. One of its process lines allows producing liquefied petroleum gas from the materials produced at the deposit.

CSU is fitted with Propak Systems Ltd. (Canada) equipment, which has proven to be one of the best brands of high-technology equipment in the world.

The internal laboratory tests (certificate no. 248/18 dd. 16.07.2018) as well as independent expert evaluation (certificate no. DIN.00074-18 valid until 01.01.2019) have demonstrated that the quality and composition of liquefied gas produced by Regal Petroleum meets GOST 27578-87 standard (Ukrainian equivalent of European standard EN 589-2008) for auto propane-butane.

The finished products are shipped in 80 cubic meter batches (about 40 tonnes) every 3 (three) calendar days at TMSS of Mekhedovsko–Golotovshchinskoye GCF.

Today every separate batch of liquefied gas is sold on a bidding basis. The possibility of regular shipments under short and medium-term contracts with fixed pricing conditions as well as other options are under review.

Thanks to company’s efforts, Ukrainian consumers can have high-quality auto gas at the fuel stations.