• Enwell Energy plc

    Enwell Energy plc

    The company was founded in 1996. It is a public company registered at London stock exchange AIM. In Ukraine the company performs its production activities through its Representative Office - Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as RPCL).

    RPCL has special permits for commercial development of Mekhedovsko-Golotovshchinskoye and Sviridovskoye gas condensate deposits (Poltava region), issued in 2004 and extended for 20 more years in 2020.

    The company is among the top 10 private gas producer in Ukraine.

    The current reserves in categories C1+C2 are 12.22 billion cubic meters of gas and 2.52 million tonnes of gas condensate. Prospective resources of the deposits are estimated to be 2.32 billion cubic meters of gas.

    Main production facilities:

    • Temporary metering and separation station (TMSS) of Mekhedovsko-Golotovshchinskoye and Sviridovskoye gas condensate deposits (GCF) with Condensate Stabilization Unit (CSU), and a liquefied petroleum gas production line;
    • 16 wells, including 7 active ones;
    • Warehouse facilities (Poltava region, Lokhvitsa district, Chervonozavodskoye town). The total area is 42,460 square meters, including unsheltered warehouses of more than 7,000 square meters and sheltered warehouses of 2,346 square meters. About 40% of areas are provided for rent. Infrastructure and equipment: own railway branch of about 1 kilometer, cargo handling machinery.

    Marketable products of the company:  natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas – auto propane-butane (APB), gas condensate. 


    162 Shevchenko St,

    Yakhnyky village, Lokhvytsia district,

    Poltava region, 37212, Ukraine

    Tel.: +38 (05356) 966 34
    email: office.kiev@regalukraine.com


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