Our business

  • Regal Petroleum plc
    Regal Petroleum plc
    Geological exploration and hydrocarbon production, LPG production 
  • Ukrgazvydobutok PJSC
    Ukrgazvydobutok PJSC

    Geological exploration and hydrocarbon production 

  • Prom-Energo Product LLC
    Prom-Energo Product LLC
    Geological exploration and hydrocarbon production 

Smart Energy Group consists of four companies that work in the gas and oil sector of Ukraine.

Smart Energy Group is represented by a public British company with assets in Ukraine Regal Petroleum as well as Ukrainian gas producers Prom-Energo Product and Ukrgazvydobutok. In 2020 Arkona Gas-Energy LLC, acquired by British company and operating in Poltava oblast, joined the group.

As of 1 January 2020, the hydrocarbon reserves of С1+С2 categories in gas recovery assets of Smart Energy are estimated as follows: 22.633 billion cubic meters of gas, 3.722 million tonnes of condensate. In addition, prospective resources of gas and condensate amount to 4.623 billion cubic meters and 768 thousand tonnes respectively.