• TB

    technical butane

  • boe

    barrel oil equivalent

  • TMSS

    temporary metering and separation station

  • GCF

    gas condensate field

  • LTSU

    low temperature separation unit

  • GTU

    gas treatment unit

  • CSU

    condensate stabilization unit

  • AP

    auto propane

  • APB

    auto propane-butane

  • PGOC

    Poltava Gas and Oil Company

  • TP

    technical propane

  • RPCL

    Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited

  • SWRC

    system of well remote control

  • TPBM

    technical propane-butane mix

  • C1

    C1 category stands for reserves of new deposits, oil-and-gas-bearing capacity of which is determined on the basis of favourable geological exploration indicators, as well as reserves of that part of a deposit, which is adjacent to areas with the reserves of B category (reserves studied with the help of exploration drilling or reserves that are in pilot operation)