Mission, Vision and Values


We are building a company that manages energy assets and introduces the world’s best practices for production, business process organization and human resources’ management. We invest in the energy security of Ukraine.


In the future, Smart Energy shall become a leader in efficient management of private energy assets.

Our Values

  • Fundamentality. In our activities we rely on the world experience and advanced technologies, complementing them with our own knowledge, practice and expertise.

  • Professionalism. Our staff performs safely and efficiently in various conditions, participating in training courses and improving its skills.

  • Innovation. We invest in and develop new solutions. We receive new knowledge and incorporate it in our business processes to achieve added value.

  • Development. We are focused on development. We use synergy of our skills, intellect and expertise to make good decisions determining our future progress.

  • Teamwork. We achieve the best results by working together. Personal contribution of each of us is important for success of the team as a whole.