In 2017 Smart Energy invests over 500 mln UAH in its development
23 June 2017
In 2017 Group of Smart Energy Companies plans to invest over 500 mln UAH in its development. Planned volume of production is over 220 mln m3 of Ukrainian gas (208.4 mln m3 in 2016). General Director of Smart Energy Group Sergiy Glazunov has shared this with the journalists.
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Smart Energy is a Management Company incorporated in Smart-Holding, responsible for development of projects in the field of the exploration, commercial development of hydrocarbon deposits and alternative energy. Smart Energy provides comprehensive consulting services in management, engineering and business process optimization for the companies of Smart Energy Group.

Our projects

  • Smart Energy companies collect, process, interpret and classify geological data. They also build 3D models of wells, areas and hydrocarbon deposits.
  • Auto propane-butane 
    produced at Regal Petroleum facilities 
    has no competitors 
    in Ukraine.
  • Vin-Pellet is focused on production of solid biofuel, which is subsequently used for production of heat and electricity at industrial and private generating capacities.