• Innovative technologies

    Innovative technologies

    Condensate Stabilization Unit (CSU)

    CSU was put into operation in December 2013. CSU equipment and control system were fully integrated into the existing low temperature separation unit (LTSU) of the temporary metering and separation station (TMSS) of Mekhedovsko-Golotovshchinskoye deposit.

    CSU consists of a raw material preparation unit, marketable product storage and shipment unit and condensate stabilization unit. The modular condensate stabilization unit was designed and produced by Propak Company (Canada). It consists of a deethanizer, debutanizer and a system for heating and supplying heat carrier. Management and control of LTSU and CSU technical processes are fully centralized and automated.

    Commissioning of CSU made it possible to prepare marketable gas and condensate of a better quality and to obtain a new (certified) product, liquefied gas. Launch of CSU provided for utilization (use) of flare gas in the volume of 8-10 thousand cubic meters per day.

    Utilization of the flare gas had positive influence on the state of environment in the region and the company’s image among local residents and authorities.

    System of well remote control (SWRC)

    SWRC was put into operation in April 2013.

    The objective of the system creation is the following:

    • to introduce a high-performance state-of-the-art measuring and information system, which provides for an improved operational control, quality and safety of the technical regime of well operation
    • to increase precision of technological parameter measurements
    • to improve staff performance in order to optimize production of each well
    • to control unauthorized interference in the production process.

    The system is designed for collection of information about the state of technological parameters of well mouths and its convenient presentation on the display of an operator’s automated work place (AWP). The system provides for the measurement of the following parameters at the mouth of each well:

    • gas temperature before and after the orifice
    • tubing and casing pressure
    • inter-casing pressure
    • pressure after the orifice
    • warning alarm signaling the status of equipment system.

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